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Our 22 years of professional experience and specialization as mortgage brokers is a guarantee of efficiency for our customers.

Thanks to the extensive knowledge of the banking system and always acting for the benefit of our client, we are able to offer him an environment of security, accurate information and guidance which lead to a very high success rate for his loan application, without any financial burden.

Over 95% approval on the loans we handle

Our team, having in its assets over 500,000,000 € mortgage disbursements, has gained significant experience and expertise in the field.

Our knowledge of the approval policy of each bank guarantees higher chances of approval for our customers, achieving the best possible terms. It should be noted that the approval rate of the loans we handle exceeds 95%.

Mortgage Loan

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We have the ability and experience to achieve the most favorable terms for your financing
Over 95% pre-approval rate

We guide our customers to the appropriate mortgage selection based on the client’s needs and profile. 

Over 22 years of experience

Our company is composed by highly skilled consultants with experience in the banking sector.

We disburse over 10% of the mortgage loans nationwide, issued by the four Systemic Banks, with total disbursements that exceed the amount of 5,000,000 € each month

We have signed cooperation agreements with the largest Greek banks and we have the knowledge and expertise to assist you in the time-consuming and complex bureaucratic process.

We will present and analyze to you all the available options, so that you can choose the most advantageous financing solution for your needs.

Mortgage Loan

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