Mortgage loan for residents abroad

Get a financial pre-approval from a Greek bank without visiting Greece

Mortgage loan for residents abroad

Most Greeks who live permanently or have recently settled in other countries outside the Greek territory, as well as residents abroad in general, are not aware of the inalienable rights they have regarding their borrowing opportunities in Greece. In addition to being able to maintain, on a collective or individual level, the material, cultural and emotional connections with our homeland, they have the opportunity not only to dream, but also to realize the purchase of a permanent home.

Greeks abroad and residents abroad, regardless of origin, have the right to be funded in the same way as any other citizen residing in Greece. Based on our 20 years of experience at IMS, we are able to guide you and offer you all the information you need to know about choosing a Bank, a financing program, as well as the actual bank and purchase costs.

The process of buying a home through bank financing is a case that requires time and proper information. At IMS we analyze, plan and create the financial program that suits your specific needs in a short time. We are by your side at every stage, in order to increase and ensure the chances of success; we undertake the whole process on your behalf.

Mortgage loan for residents abroad

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Having achieved the disbursement of more than 3,000 mortgages, we have the ability and experience to achieve the most favorable terms for your financing,
Over 95% approval on the loans we handle
Our team, having in its assets over 500,000,000 € mortgage disbursements, has gained significant experience and expertise in the mortgage loan
22 years of experience
The specialized human resources of our Company have many years of experience and excellent knowledge of both the financial and the banking sector, having previous working experience
Our company can facilitate residents abroad in various procedures, such as: legal support services (e.g. issuance of VAT registration number, legal inspection of the property, etc.), cooperating engineers (e.g. technical inspection of the property). We are also in constant and direct communication with all parties (e.g. notaries, lawyers, etc.), so that -without delays- we can provide the most up-to-date services to our customers.
Our specialized partners will evaluate the customer’s creditworthiness regarding the granting of a mortgage FREE OF CHARGE, while for all our services there is no charge at all. From the first step of the application, up to the disbursement of the final amount, IMS will not receive any fee from the borrower.
This exclusive banking product can meet the housing needs for:

Mortgage loan for residents abroad

At IMS we analyze, design and implement the financial program that suits your individual needs in a short time.

Without any financial cost

Mortgage loan for residents abroad

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Mortgage loan for residents abroad

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IMS is staffed by properly qualified economists with expertise in the banking sector and is the largest partner of Greek banks in mediation for the issuance of mortgages without any direct or indirect financial burden for the prospective mortgage holder. With the help of specialized consultants, we will find together the solution that best serves your needs.
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