Mortgage loan for uniformed services

Στεγαστικό δάνειο για ένστολους με προνομιακό επιτόκιο αποκλειστικά από την IMS

“It is men who make a city, not walls or ships”! Thucydides (ancient Athenian historian)

IMS, in collaboration with one of the four systemic banks, chooses to stand by the uniformed services, in order to help them realize one of their most basic dream: buying a permanent home.

Especially for the members of the Armed Forces (Army, Navy and Air Force), the Greek Police, the Fire Brigade and the Coast Guard, we have designed a competitive product, EXCLUSIVELY for them, offering…

One of our main advantages at IMS is that we have gained a leading position in the banking market and this is practically reflected in the privileged benefits and exclusive programs that we can offer to our borrowers.

Mortgage loan for uniformed services

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Having achieved the disbursement of more than 3,000 mortgages, we have the ability and experience to achieve the most favorable terms for your financing,
Over 95% approval on the loans we handle
Our team, having in its assets over 500,000,000 € mortgage disbursements, has gained significant experience and expertise in the mortgage loan
22 years of experience
The specialized human resources of our Company have many years of experience and excellent knowledge of both the financial and the banking sector, having previous working experience
In collaboration with one of the four systemic Greek banks, we have designed a unique mortgage product, exclusively for the uniformed services, with the lowest interest rate in the market (from 2%) and origination fees reduced by 50%.

Recognizing, therefore, the professional stability and prospect of uniformed services, we have secured a mortgage loan, which is available EXCLUSIVELY to our clientele and is not offered by any bank or other alternative network.

Having this as guide and given that we always try to serve those who pursue the goal of a permanent home, we have achieved something unique: the EXCLUSIVE distribution of a competitive banking product, based on which each month we are given the opportunity to mediate so that more than 20 families of uniformed officers can finally obtain their permanent home.

This exclusive banking product can meet the housing needs for:

Mortgage loan for uniformed services

At IMS we analyze, design and implement the financial program that suits your individual needs in a short time.

Without any financial cost

Mortgage loan for uniformed services

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Mortgage loan for uniformed services

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Why Choose Us…

IMS is staffed by properly qualified economists with expertise in the banking sector and is the largest partner of Greek banks in mediation for the issuance of mortgages without any direct or indirect financial burden for the prospective mortgage holder. With the help of specialized consultants, we will find together the solution that best serves your needs.
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