Mortgage Loan

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Our 22 years of professional experience and specialization as mortgage brokers is a guarantee of efficiency for our customers.

Thanks to the extensive knowledge of the banking system and always acting for the benefit of our client, we are able to offer him an environment of security, accurate information and guidance which lead to a very high success rate for his loan application, without any financial burden.

Our services for the client are cost free, given that our compensation comes exclusively by the banking institutions, based on our agreement, when the loan is granted.

The conventional procedure for a house purchase through bank financing is usually time consuming and requires personal attention and significant effort.

Our team of expert advisors facilitates the entire process by managing the your case, communicating daily with the bank, coordinating the involved parties and giving solutions if needed.

The relationship we have built over the years with the banks and the volume of cases we have completed, enables us to negotiate on your behalf in order to achieve the best terms for you along with high-quality services regarding your mortgage requirements.

Our team has helped thousands of families purchase their own home, with more than 4,000 home loan disbursements. We can do the same for you…

Mortgage Loan

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We have the ability and experience to achieve the most favorable terms for your financing
Over 95% pre-approval rate

We guide our customers to the appropriate mortgage selection based on the client’s needs and profile. 

Over 22 years of experience

Our company is composed by highly skilled consultants with experience in the banking sector.

Mortgage Loan

5 Reasons That Make IMS The Ideal Mortgage Partner


The experience we have gained in our 20 years of operation and having disbursed over 4,000 mortgage loans, in cooperation with the four systemic banks, allows us to operate with confidence in our efficiency.

Our excellent knowledge of the subject and our technical knowledge at every stage, from the first step up to the moment of disbursement, constitute a guarantee of increased success for your loan application.

Knowledge, know-how and expertise regarding all the necessary processes: legal, technical, operational, enable us to deal effectively with any possible problem, since we have undoubtedly solved it again in the past.

The trust we have built over time in the relationship between IMS and the borrowers, is a cornerstone for our success in the field of mortgages.

The same goes for our relationship with credit institutions, which is based on the safeguarding of banking secrecy and the contracts we have entered into.

Reliability, impeccable compliance with the commitments and the full assumption of responsibility by our company, can guarantee that we comply with all the commitments we undertake. Our broader policy is based, inter alia, on the observance of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR – 2016/679), as defined by the European Union since 25/05/2018.



Based on expertise, as a result of our 20 years of experience, we evaluate the creditworthiness of the customer for the granting of a mortgage loan and this has a positive consequence on the loans that we promote in the banking market, with a pre-approval success rate of over 95%.

This is a unique percentage in the Greek mortgage market and it is due to the fact that we guarantee the Operational Improvement and Business Completion in every application.

Our goal is to ensure positive development in the most effective way. We help our customers by dealing with and eliminating potential problems (e.g. legal, technical), so that, based on our expertise, we can produce the timely and desired result.

Speed as a concept is one of the six key components that define skillfulness. At IMS we consider it as one of the fundamental privileges we offer to our customers.

By knowing in advance all the parameters, the difficulties and the possible problems that the journey can hide from the application to the disbursement of the mortgage, we make sure to have the solutions in time before the appearance of any problem.

Consequently, we are always two steps ahead in the next stages and in direct communication with all parties (e.g. notaries, lawyers, etc.), so that -without delays- we can provide the most up-to-date services to our clients.



Objectivity, unaffected judgment, justice! This triptych, which defines impartiality, is a timeless guide for IMS.

Our company, since its establishment and throughout the 20 years it has been operating, has always had as its central idea to serve the interests of its borrowers.

Despite the fact that we undertake the corresponding role with a bank consultant, we do not represent the interests of each bank, since we are not its employees.

On the contrary, by having a comprehensive and complete picture of the banking market, we safely advise our customers, so that together we can formulate the best possible solution, always based on the specific needs that are appropriate in each case separately.

IMS…the name of your mortgage

The relationship of trust that it has built with the Banks, in combination with the large number of cases it has undertaken so far and its wide clientele are an additional guarantee, enabling us to negotiate for you the most favorable terms in the Banking Market

Based on our 22 years of experience, we are able to guide you and offer you all the information you need to know about choosing a Bank, a financing program, as well as the actual bank and purchase costs. We will guide you through every stage to increase and ensure your chances of success.

The final outcome of your case and the amount of the mortgage depends on several factors. Our specialized team will inform you in advance about your realistic possibilities, taking into account your income, your creditworthiness and the value of the property. Those elements shall constitute your banking profile.

At IMS we know better than anyone else how important it is for you to apply for a mortgage for your primary residence. With a proper study of your data and financial status, we will contribute to the realization of your dream, leading you through the safest path, so that your final choice will be undoubtedly the most correct and the safest one.

Mortgage Loan

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