Mortgage loan without any financial cost

Is there a mortgage loan without any financial burden? There is, indeed.

Are you looking for mediation services at the highest level for the issuance of a mortgage loan, without even the slightest charge at all stages of the process?

IMS is able to accomplish what every borrower seeks, that is, secure functionality, constant updating and ensuring very high success rates for their application. And all this, without any financial claim!

The contractual process for buying a home through bank financing is a time-consuming and attention-requiring process, from which we relieve our customers.

From the first to the last step, IMS takes care of the complete information on all processes that will be followed and the detailed recording of what the borrower is required to know.

Mortgage loan without any financial cost

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We have the ability and experience to achieve the most favorable terms for your financing
Over 95% pre-approval rate

We guide our customers to the appropriate mortgage selection based on the client’s needs and profile. 

Over 22 years of experience

Our company is composed by highly skilled consultants with experience in the banking sector.

Our company is able to guarantee that there will be no charge on loan costs, which are standardized for each of the four major systemic banks that have selected to work with us during the last 20 years.

The only small difference is not the amount, but the policy followed by each bank separately.

IMS will inform you in detail about all loan costs and banking policies, so that, we can reach in co-operation the most ideal choice for each case separately.

In essence, IMS operates like the bank’s officer on housing loans, but offers immediacy, security and constant monitoring of the process.

Our customers, after giving us their consent on personal data and after applying for a loan, are invited to sign the loan agreement and other bank documents at the bank.

This is exactly the way (Broker), in which loans are issued abroad (Italy, Norway, England, Netherlands, Canada, Australia, USA, etc.).

Mortgage loan without any financial cost

IMS evaluates, analyses, plans and executes the financial program that suits your specific needs.

Without charge for our provided services

At IMS we are paid exclusively by the banking institutions and we have managed to ensure that our customers will be able to benefit from the non-negotiable high-quality services that we are able to offer them. And whether they are happy with the disbursement or withdraw at any stage, they will not have to pay the slightest cost.

Mortgage loan without any financial cost

Mortgage loan without any financial cost

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